Always you can find and enjoy a large selection of exciting adventure games at Adventure games are a diverse game genre in which exciting actions determine the action of the game. Sometimes can you help your character explore their surroundings so go on an epic journey to find hidden treasures and rare creatures. Go on a safari, a mountain hike, or hike a dangerous path through the forest. You will have to deal with secret temples, strange monsters, dangerous wild animals and much more! Do you have the skills to survive these incredible adventure games?


The oldest adventure games were text based, and you had to enter commands to get through the game. Computers have more powerful, pictures were added and the point and click adventure format was born. The player could click on items and options in the game environment to continue the adventurous journey. Adventure games have become even more exciting with the development of 3D graphics that enable a much more intense experience. No matter how fantastic the surroundings may be, in this game catalog you will find all the great adventures you could wish for. Browse our collection and find adventure games organized according to the genres and activities you like the most.