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Skill games are about your dexterity, your sense of time and your ability to aim well and react quickly. Develop your hand-eye coordination and improve your reaction speed with these fun computer games! The skill games you will find here include a wide selection of titles, including bubble shooters and bejeweled, but also skill-based slot games and fun clicker games. Learn touch typing with our educational typing games, increase your reaction speed with our alternative games or improve your leadership and organizational skills with our selection of addictive management games.


Prove that you are the master of skill games and complete all these tricky challenges. Do you have the patience to wait for the right moment to make your move? Can you defeat all other players in the snake arena? From Flappy Bird to Pacman and Tetris, this page has all sorts of addictive skill games to test your creativity and drive. Talent, practice and excellent reflexes will bring you a lot with these funny titles. You can choose any game and open it in your browser window to start playing right away. Have fun testing your talent with these great skill games!